Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
By using Zingo Chat's services, you consent to the collection and use of your information as outlined in this policy, as well as to our general Terms of Use.
General principles
We respect the privacy of our users to the fullest:
  • Chat contents is considered confidential and will never be sold or given away to third parties for commercial purposes.
  • Email addresses are used only once each time they are entered and only for the purpose of sending out email invitations for a chat.
  • Chat rooms are considered private and are not monitored by moderators.
  • What information is collected and why?
    In addition to information required for the functioning of the system, Zingo Chat saves information such as time of day, browser type and browser language with every chat. This allows us to track the number of 1).users and their characteristics in order to improve our service. P addresses are recorded for the purpose of preventing misconduct in the chatrooms or other cases of misuse, such as the sending out of chat invitations without the intension to chat with the recipients. 2).Zingo Chat uses cookies to store user preferences and track number of users. Our rooms, however, work fine without cookies. If you disable cookies on your computer, you can still use our chatrooms, but you will not be able to sign up and make Zingo Chat remember your rooms and settings.
    With whom do we share information?
    As mentioned, chat contents is considered confidential and will never be sold or given away to third parties for commercial purposes. 1).Likewise, information about individual chat users, such as IP addresses, email address, number of visits, etc. is only used for inhouse analysis. 2).Your IP address is always hidden, but your registered email address is visible to the Administrator when you enter a Virtual Room. 3).We do NOT disclose emails or IP addresses to private users who have been offended in the chatrooms. If, however, we are contacted by law enforcement authorities acting upon the request of users who have been harassed or threatened in chat rooms or in email invitations, we may help them identify the perpetrader(s) by passing on information such as names, IP's and email addresses. This obviously also applies if the chatroom has been used to promote or carry out criminal activity of any kind. 4).Finally, we may also choose to pass on personal information to users who have had their rooms hacked or accounts stolen by their peers.
    Third-party login (Facebook, etc.)
    If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to log into Zingo Chat. The following information from Facebook is stored in your Zingo Chat profile:
  • Your email address, which is used as your normal account ID.
  • Your real name and Facebook profile address, which may be added to the visitor list in rooms you enter.
  • We do not read any additional information about you or your friends. Furthermore, we do not interact with your Facebook account, i.e. we cannot and we will not post anything about Zingo Chat or your use of Zingo Chat on Facebook.
    Changes to the Privacy Policy
    Zingo Chat may decide to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we will post those changes on this page.